Make your own Super Bowl Ad in 30 seconds

Sunday night was the biggest day in the US sport calendar, the Super Bowl and with it came America’s yearly #BrandBowl. A yearly showcase of adverts that have paid millions of dollars to be seen for just thirty seconds.

Having watched all of the ads (and I mean ALL of them), I have whittled down the “creative genius” from this year and turned my findings into a chatbot. This means that you too can create your very own Super Bowl ad for absolutely nothing and be as successful as 90% of the ads from this year.

Why not message The Chatbot Creative Director for yourself and see what ad he makes for you!

Of course I can’t do a Super Bowl ad article without picking some favorites. So in my opinion I’d go with:

  • Tide (it was tongue in cheek and the joke that they were in every ad left you watching each other advert wondering if it was a tide advert)
  • NFL (their advert was one of the most memorable and funniest ads on the day, helping to re-emphasise one of the recent rule changes designed to make the game more fun again.)
  • Toyota (Good Odds was a really well filmed piece to highlight the upcoming Winter Paralympics, it took the serious/emotional crown this year with its gripping story)
Guy Peters