Welcome to Honni

The moment you all have been waiting for… okay, maybe it’s just us, but it is finally here, Honni has a blog.

If you have followed Honni’s social channels for a hot second, you should know who we are and what we do. If not, here’s a recap.

When Honni, which means “we make you famous” in Mandarin, launched our focus was the promotion of Chinese consumer technology products in the United States. Today we provide social content, social creative, PR, media buying, crowdfunding marketing, design, build and UX.

Honni is a social creative agency based in San Francisco. We primarily help consumer technology brands launch and stay relevant in the US.

We are a team of award-winning, like-minded collaborative creators, thinkers and entrepreneurs who have put clients like AstroReality (which creates augmented reality enabled 3D printed models of the solar system), Detu (a 360-degree camera ), Insta360 (another 360 camera), and Xiaom’s smart home products brand, Smartmi.

That said, let’s introduce you to our blog contributors:

Ella Roche

Honni San Francisco is managed by CEO, Ella Roche. In 2017, she transferred from the group’s HQ in London because her team was increasingly delivering work in the US. When the volume of clients reached a tipping point it was a no brainer to open a US. office. Ella has experience in B2B and B2C technology and was recently included in The Drum’s Global 50 Under 30 list. She was also awarded the PRCA’s 2017 Rising Star Award.


Anna Palagi

Honni’s hybrid social PR team includes account executive, Anna Palagi. She joined Honni last year from an agency in the Bay Area. After graduating college in Chicago, she moved to California to pursue a agency career. She has worked with companies in the fashion, entertainment and technology space. Anna launched the Oculus Rift headset, and has also worked with tech businesses including rideshare company, Lyft, and Le Tote, a fashion subscription box.


Guy Peters

Honni also offers a number of services including social creative, community management and paid social. Honni’s team includes Guy Peters, a social creative technologist. He is an engineer by trade, with a passion for advertising and all things social. After graduating college in England, Guy realized he wanted to pursue a different career path. He loves clients that are willing to have fun and take chances. His experience includes a range of businesses including clothing retailer, TK Maxx, and auto brand, SKODA.

Anna Palagi